Fingernails and Health, The Inside on The Outside

December 11th, 2010

People don’t normally associate their fingernails and health, but they should. Fingernails have a purpose beyond just sitting on the ends of our fingers as a fashion accessory or a backscratcher. They can tell a story about our health to people who know how to read the signs our fingernails are displaying. It’s a much larger story than the one our fingernail tells us when it’s been smashed in the door, or hit with a hammer, or suffering the pain of being ingrown. The story is much larger because it goes much deeper and it can tell us what’s happened to us, what’s happening to us now, and what’s going to happen in the future as far as our health goes.fingernails and health

Color is important when it comes to fingernails and health. White nails, pale nails, and nails that are half white and half pink all have a tale to tell. White could mean liver disease, pale or white could mean your anemic, and the half white/half pink could indicate a problem with your kidneys. Yellow nails could be more than just nicotine from you cigarettes, if they are also thick and don’t grow very fast it could mean you have a lung disease. Or it could be something as simple as a fungus infection. A yellow looking nail with pink at the base may be an indication you’re diabetic. If the beds of your fingernails are red, you might want to get checked for heart disease. White spots on fingernails can be indicative of a vitamin deficiency of some kind. It doesn’t hurt to be aware of what the color of your fingernails can mean in regards to your health.

There are other signs of health related issues fingernails present besides color when things inside aren’t quite right. If you ever notice your nails seem to be pitting or you feel ripples when you feel the tops of your fingernails either of those signs can mean psoriasis or even inflammatory arthritis. Ridges can mean your not getting enough to eat or you’re not able to absorb nutrients from your food. Dry, brittle nails can mean a thyroid problem and biting or picking of the fingernail could mean obsessive/compulsive tendencies. Excess skin at the tips of your fingers and inverted nails could mean lung disease. Irregular red lines or dark lines under the fingernails can indicate something as sinister as Lupus or Melanoma. No one ever thinks of their fingernail as being a diagnostic tool but it’s actually a pretty good one. Our fingernails and health seem to go hand in hand.

Keep Your Fingernails Looking Beautiful With Vitamins

December 14th, 2010

Your fingernails need more than a good trim and polish to look their best. In fact, fingernails can benefit greatly from a healthy diet and vitamins. It’s important to learn which vitamins will keep your nails looking their best. Fingernail care has grown in popularity over the years. From pretty pastels to the starkness of deep dark primary colors, your fingernails can give a statement about you to the rest of the world.

So, what are the best vitamins you can take for nail beauty? First of all, following a balanced diet can provide the vitamins and nutrients you need. Nails are made of keratin, a form of protein. In turn, nails require more protein to help build calcium. Eating meats such as fish and chicken are healthy ways to ingest the protein you need for your nails. Calcium and iron help keep your nails strong rather than brittle and prone to breaking.

Silica is important for strengthening nails. It can be found in such supplements as nettle, horsetail and oatstraw. Amino acids and vitamins C and E will help build keratin in nails while vitamin B helps prevent ridges. Flaxseed or evening primrose oil will help keep nails from cracking. Ingrown nails can be treated with a paste of alum and water while nail fungus can be prevented by using tea tree oil. Zinc can be helpful in treating white spots, which some women get before their periods.

What kind of diet and supplements are necessary in order to receive benefits for your nails? Prenatal vitamins are one source of fingernail needs. Pregnant women often have strong and beautiful nails as a side effect to the potent vitamins they take for healthy baby growth during pregnancy. These same vitamins offer many of the supplements needed for healthy nails. Eating foods rich in nail friendly supplements can make a great difference in your nails as well.

Picking the best vitamin supplement can be difficult. Many nutrition companies offer supplements designed to promote healthy nails. Other products such as creams, solutions and buffers help with nail care, keeping them strong, shiny and healthy. A whole wealth of products are available in a variety of costs from which you can choose.

It’s easy to have beautiful and healthy fingernails. By eating a healthy diet as well as taking recommended vitamins and minerals, the nails you’ve always wanted are only a supplement away.